Cannabis Seeds For Sale

Welcome to the cellar! Nothing here is ‘white labeled’, and all of our cannabis seeds for sale were produced indoors. Rootseller seed bank has been searching from coast to coast since ’96 finding and saving high quality seeds from the finest cannabis flower. Offerings shown here employ everything from seasoned elites to little known local legends. Olfactory excitement and unique character of the ‘high’ have always been paramount when making plant selections.

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Bulk Cannabis Seed for Sale – Bulk seed at wholesale pricing is available for commercial scale plantings, fill out our Bulk/Wholesale form here to contact us.


Seeds are sold as a novelty hemp product for collection or souvenir purposes. If you germinate or cultivate the seeds you must comply with the applicable laws, rules and regulations of the State and/or County in which you undertake such activity and you are always required to comply with Federal Law.  Rootseller Seeds is not responsible for any unauthorized use of this product.