Cannabis Strain Glossary


The world of Cannabis is wide and deep, there is a lot to know and learn.  Here are some of the names and terms we use for our products and what we do.



1987 Hashplant

Backcross (Bx1, Bx2…) – Backcross breeding mates one of the hybrid’s parents to the hybrid, which can enhance the parent’s characteristics in that generation (Bx1) of the hybrid.  This can be repeated (Bx2, Bx3…) to achieve the desired results.


Cheese – Cheese is a phenotpye of some Skunk #1 bag bud in England, a commune called Exodus gave clones to anyone who wanted them and it spread all over Europe.  SeedFinder lists 259 Cheese strains that are variations and crosses from this original plant.

chem4 – Chemdawg 4

Cherry Wine

Cross (crossbreeding)

feminized seed

Girl Scout Cookies


Gorilla Glue #4


OG Kush


Reversal – For us, a reversal is a project where we take a plant and ‘reverse’ it, which makes the female plant grow pollen.  All the seeds produced will be female because we pollinate the females in our collection with the pollen from the reversed plant.

S1 – This is the first selfed generation of an F1 hybrid that was reversed and ‘self’ pollinated.  These seeds are generally a ‘clone’ of the parent.  Good S1 seeds should show all the characteristics of the F1 parent.

Screaming OG

Sour Dubble