Understanding Plant Pedigree

by | Nov 16, 2022 | Cannabis Cultivation

Understanding Plant Pedigree


…modern nomenclature dictates that we ALWAYS list the female first and the male secondly (if it is known).

For example… seeds produced by sprinkling male ‘afghan’ pollen on a female ‘haze’ plant would be listed as:

Haze x Afghan
(F)         (M)

…if you were to use a male (grown from these newly hybridized seeds) to pollinate your favorite blueberry female it would look like this ⤵️

blueberry x (haze x afghan)

In this example the parentheses are housing the hybrid male that was used to pollinate a female blueberry clone.

When making feminized seed I also list the pollen donor secondly to indicate which female plant was “reversed” into a “male”.  This is important for record keeping and also for observing how the “same” cross behaves when you inevitably make an inverse version of it.  For example (GSC x GG4) and (GG4 x GSC) might seem like “the same” cross (because similar ingredients are listed) but the seeds made using the GSC clone as a “male” have proven to be infinitely more vigorous/productive when tested 🤯

Hopefully this blog entry can serve as a baseline for deciphering listed lineages … feel free to email info@rootsellerseeds.com with any questions!

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